Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sweet Sixteen Nail Party

This weekend, we had the super fun opportunity to participate in an adorable sweet sixteen birthday party. We set up our table and supplies and gave the girls awesome nail-art while the others played charades, ate pizza, and laughed, chatted, and giggled. Check out what the girls asked for!

These nails, belonging to the birthday girl, are accented with neat sugar skulls!

A beautiful pale pink and pastel blue version of the Lana Del Rey nails:

Adorable yellow roses on a periwinkle blue background:

Matryoskha dolls on lilac - cute!

Tiny pink hearts French manicure on a beautiful nude:

The classic, always glamourous, Lana Del Rey:

Sparkly purple Fairy Nails:

A really cool metallic slate gray version of the Lana Del Rey nails:

Here we are painting away!

We also set up a birthday photo booth - here are some of the pics...

Some of the girls (and a mystery guest) showing off their manicures!

Overall, what a sweet time! We simply cannot wait to do another party like this.

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  1. So funny, i liked so much the first one, thanks girl for this post !