Sunday, 22 April 2012

Titanic Manicure

If you haven't already heard, this past Sunday (April 15th) marks the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. Also, the movie was re-released in theaters (in 3-D!). Since I grew up in the height of the Leo-obsession, this movie is a serious part of my life (and so is my love for Leo). I remember going to see it in theaters when it first came out. I was only in grade 4 but, at the time, I thought that I truly grasped the sadness and intensity of the story. At one point, I had to leave the theater to recuperate and take a breath because I was trying so hard to hold back sobbing.
Last week, I went to see it again with my sister and a few of my girl friends and, well, we sobbed the entire time. In quiet moments, you could hear the entire theater sobbing. Why do we do this to ourselves??? It's just soooo good in a horribly sad way. If you've seen the movie before, watch this video and I dare you not to cry.

*Deep breath* Ok. So, I created a manicure inspired by the front of the ship as seen on the movie poster. It has a similar shape to the Lana Del Rey manicure which I absolutely love and really looks awesome and flattering on the nails. 

The movie poster

I really love this one! I definitely like manicures "inspired by" objects rather than just painting tiny objects onto the nail. Sometimes tiny art is really neat but, at other times, I like to work with the nail shape to create an interesting pattern.
And, just in case you're interested, the following represent all the reasons why I can watch that movie over and over again:


...and this

...this too

...oh, and this above all else.
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