Sunday, 6 May 2012

Holt Renfrew Manicures

This Saturday we got to spend the day with the lovely Holt Renfrew folks and do manicures all day! It was great. We feel so lucky to be able to surround ourselves with Deborah Lippmann's amazing products and play all day long!

Plus, we were so excited to be able to experiment with her new polishes - mirrored chromes, flakies, and magnetic polishes!

These amazing mirrored chrome polishes are unbelievable - "Swagga Like Us" (a bronzey-gold with green-ish orange-ish accents), "Sugar Daddy" (a shimmer light gold) and "Private Dancer" (an incredible purple chrome.

These flakies are to die for! The pink one is called "Sweet Dreams" and the deep blue is called "Ray of Light".

Here, we opted to use Ray of Light and Sweet Dreams on her ring this accent nail manicure! It's all about the flakies, ladies!

This one is keeping it simple with Sweet Dreams...gotta love this amped up version of a bright fuchsia manicure.

Look who came to visit us! Cooper - the sweetest puppy who took a nap in his owner's purse while she got a manicure...I mean!

...and her owner got adorable accent watermelons on top of Sweet Dreams...the flakes made the watermelon look juicy! Perfect.

Look at how gorgeous Mermaid's Dream is...definitely dreamy and perfect for summer days.

I did a quick rose manicure on top of my shellac (review post to come on that soon) in between clients. Cute!

Look at how cute these pink roses look on top of Sugar to do some spring gardening! (Don't ruin your nails!)

It's Raining Men is such a great bright red...perfect for a fancy event or summertime sexiness. 

Look at how neat the wavy magnetic polish looks...this one is Berry Metal (amethyst wave).

The always classic fuchsia Between The Sheets...such a great statement pink!

Sugar Daddy looks great on its own!

Doing the manicures was such a, we got to play with some makeup too! We tried Bobbi Brown's eyeshadows...I tried "Bluebell" (I had to buy it!) and Kristina tried out "Ultra Violet". We were having too much fun!

Ultra Violet

I was also lucky enough that my Mum and little sister came to visit!

Overall, we had an absolutely great time (as usual). So much fun, in fact, that I will be back next Saturday (the 12th) to do manicures again!

See you all again soon!

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  1. Aw Cooper is cute! Love Sweet Dreams and Ray of Light, so pretty.