Monday, 28 November 2011

Last night at Victoire - so much fun!

Our second date with Victoire was THE BEST! We were so excited to be fully booked and could not wait to spend our evening chatting and finding out which manicures were chosen by old and new friends alike!
We also had a lot of requests of styles seen on our blog, which really made our day. Regine said it best when she pointed out that all the different nail art options really do speak to people differently. One of the best parts was definitely customizing the colours and styles for each manicure depending on what the ladies wanted - we love to hear your awesome ideas!
We put out the best glitters on display because glitter is obviously a priority!

Here we are doing some serious work (a.k.a. having too much fun).

Here are just some of the manicures we did last night - check 'em out!
 The "While You Were on Facebook" manicure on neon orange and pink gradient
 Red roses on a neutral background
 Purple and gold leopard
 Super gold nautical
 Pink fairy nails
 Strawberry nails
 Plum roses on a pink background
 Sparkly side of the moon
 Gold diagonals on peach
 Sparkly blizzard nails
 Neon coral zebra
 Sparkly apples
Regine getting... all-seeing eyes manicure!

Thanks so much for all those who booked spots with us last night! We can't wait for the next one and will let you all know as soon as a date is chosen.

Thanks again - we had so much fun!
- Emilie & Kristina

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  1. Amazing! I love that you guys have pink mints- I've been looking recently and can't seem to find them! Kristina, when I visit can you pretty up my nails please?