Thursday, 17 November 2011

Super Bright Tiger Nail

Ok, first of all, these polishes are impossible to photograph. I tried in different light conditions, with and without flash, and on different cameras. Neons are tough! 

I used two coats of white by Pure Ice (from Walmart) for the base. This polish is actually quite decent and provides great opaque coverage considering it only cost $1.97!
For the brights, I used Colo(u)r Club's neon pink and China Glaze's Flip Flop Fantasy.
This is one of our all-time favourite polishes. It is such a perfect neon coral colour. A very bright and orangey pink - it was pretty much a repeat pedicure colour all summer. When I use this one for a mani, I get stopped by people asking me what polish I'm wearing. It's such a crazy colour! We love it. (So, in the images above, try to imaging that the orangey colour near the cuticles is brighter and has more of a pinkish tint to it.)

So, after creating a colour gradient on the nail with the coral near the cuticle and the bright pink on the tip, I added the black details with that good old skinny polish that I mentioned here and here.

I realize that these are summery colours but, hey, November is dark, gloomy, and the sun only graces us with its presence for like...20 minutes a day so I could use a little day-brightening. This bright mani has been brightening my day already :) Pin It

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