Saturday, 7 January 2012

Jessie J Multicolour Manicure

I was watching Jessie J's music video for her latest song, Domino, the other day and I was happy to find out that, in this video, nails are front and centre. I spent a while trying to get a good screen shot of one of the manicures and, this is what I got.

Pretty, right? It looks like a warm base that consists of a bright yellow, a pink, and a teal-ish colour, topped off by thick and thin dark purple stripes. I thought I would attempt this complex manicure. Since I am on holiday in Florida and don't have my trusty nail box along with me (I brought some basics but not the necessary colours for this manicure), I ran out to my local Walgreens and grabbed a bunch of Sinful Colors polishes. They are only $1.99 each (I know!!!) and are sold in a ton of colours and go on the nail really well.  They show up rather opaque after two coats and seem to really last. For the teal-ish blue, the most similar colour I could find was Rise and Shine.
I found a pretty perfect pink called Pink Forever.
The yellow, Unicorn, is light and buttery and I can't wait to work it into other pastel manicures.

For the dark purple stripes, I grabbed Let's Talk. This colour is a deep, grapey, metallic purple but, unfourtunately, photographs as blueish!
I decided to free-hand the manicure as opposed to using tape to make the lines sharper, but I think next time I might opt for the more precise tape or sticker method that I used here and here.
Also, I wish the polish colours I used were slightly different (specifically I wish the teal was slightly less green and more blue) but, alas, I am without my supplies so I'm working with what I have!
This is what it turned out like. Keep in mind, the purple lines in the photos with flash appear more purple-y in real life :)

Overall, it actually looks pretty cute. The pattern is inspiring - I can't wait to try it out with different colour combinations...maybe monochrome. Greys and black would be awesome, as would different shades of pink...Valentine's Day anyone? It's coming up! Thanks to Jessie J for the inspiration!

P.S. There is another manicure in the video that I'm itching to try...can you spot it? Keep your eyes peeled on the blog!

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