Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Year of the Dragon Manicure

On January 23rd, we entered into a new year of the Chinese Zodiac - the Dragon. This zodiac year is unique because it is the only one of the 12-year cycle of animals that is legendary. Apparently, it is also considered the luckiest year in the Chinese zodiac. Get ready everyone! (Especially those of you who were born in a year of the Dragon).
In order to do a Year of the Dragon inspired manicure, I, obviously, chose to use OPI's Red My Fortune Cookie as the base colour.
This red is our all-time favourite red. It works on every skin tone (even those annoying pinkish ones that I have) and is simply a gorgeous, bright, and warm red.
Then, I painted on these Chinese symbols in black:
These symbols mean Gong hei fat choi, which loosely translates to "Congratulations and be prosperous" and is used to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Overall, a nice message to wear on one's nails!
I also added a fierce dragon head on the thumbnail in black and added a little gold glitter for extra flare. This is how it turned out. 

It's difficult to see the dragon head because of glare, so I took some close up photos on my phone. Unfourtunately, my phone camera really messes up the overall tone of the photograph but please bear with me!

Here are some more photos of the overall manicure:

Happy New Year - Congratulations and be prosperous!

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