Monday, 30 January 2012

That was SO BFF!

Us (the BSDs) getting ready to manicure!
The BFF shopping night was such a blast! We got to spend the evening doing what we love best (nail-arting) all the while hanging out with old and new BFFs alike. Cocktail wieners, wine, manicures, giggling, and shopping...what else could any girl ask for?
Manicuring away!
While we were chatting/shopping away at Victoire Boutique in Wellington West all evening, there was also a super fun time going on at viens avec moi - an ah-mah-zing new shop that just opened up down the street (seriously, check it will not regret it!). I already have a mental list of all the things I need to go buy from there, pronto! (If I were you, I would check out their website, like them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter - you need to get in on their awesome style). They had a free photo booth set up; stocked with balloons, sunglasses, and hats to pose with; where you could get your photos taken by the awesome and uber talented Christopher Schlesak (check out his Twitter here). Once the night was over, we all popped over to VAM boutique to get in on the photo booth action...we can't wait to see the shots!

Pictured along with some of our supplies
Our manicure addiction was satiated on Saturday night, and we are so thankful to all the awesome ladies who came out with great manicure ideas (we also thank the ones who said "Do whatEVER you want!" Seriously?? Score!). 
Check out some of the final products we came up with:

Shelbie opted for adorable white daisies on a light aqua background. So cute!

Amanda chose a silver background, glitter tips, and mustaches. What a fun combination!

The BFFs pictured together - on their way to see A Dangerous Method! (Go Jung!)

Cathia went for a metallic royal blue to match her outfit along with gold glitter on the tips

Magalie chose a deep burgundy with statement glitter tips...awesome!

BFFs showing off their finger tips!

Madison asked for a neutral base with light aqua polka dots and this combo!

Carolynn got a beige base with light pink roses - one of our fave's!

Madison and Carolynn showing off their to a night full of adventures!

Lynne requested this awesome sliver moon glitter manicure inspired by Style by Santina - love it!

Tanya chose the ultimate deep blue glitter mani - ooh!

The BFFs rocking their glitter manicures - shine on!

Jess got a peach and pink version of the Lana del Rey manicure - love this colour combo.

So cute, Jess!

In honor of Crispin Glover's presence in Ottawa at the Mayfair Theater this weekend, Julie requested a Crispin-inspired manicure (the first of its kind, I think). Note: rats and a middle part . Creepily awesome, Julie!

Fortunately, the creepiness doesn't take away from your cuteness! Hope you had fun at the screening :)

Bonita (the Victoire contest winner!) asked for a (tiny) Matryoshka Doll manicure - adorable!

We love it!

Veronica gave us full creative license so I went with silver and plum leopard to match her dress!

Shannon went with the Lana del Rey...this manicure is so awesome! Great choice.

The BFFs goofing off - great way to finish off the night!

Wee! That was such an awesome experience. We can't wait to see you ladies again for more manicure madness. And thank you to Victoire Boutique & viens avec moi for making all of this possible! BFFs joining forces with other BFFs to support each-other - Ottawa is the best!

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  1. Oh, how I wish I could have been at this party! It looks like soooooo much fun! I'm totally inspired by all of these amazing manicures. i'm obsessed with the mustaches - OBSESSED!

  2. Thanks again so much for the wonderful manicure!! I absolutely adore it and have been showing it off to everyone<3

  3. Those look great! Good job :)