Friday, 16 March 2012

Flip Flop Fantasy

When asked what our favourite polish is, we have a few that have always been in our top 5. Flip Flop Fantasy is one of them and has been for a while. So, I thought it was about time I share it's awesomeness with you.

Flip Flop Fantasy (let's nickname it FFF) is made by China Glaze and, in Canada, can easily be found at Sally Beauty Supply. Basically, it is one of the best neon polishes we have ever seen. It is a perfect harmony between neon pink and neon orange, creating the most perfect neon coral! It is simply stunning on your fingertips - seriously, people have stopped me on the street and asked me what polish I was wearing. FFF is not for the faint of heart, it absolutely jumps out at you and is not a polish that blends in. It actually glows...I'm not kidding.

I really wanted to show you how it actually appears on the nails, but, unfortunately, neons are notoriously difficult to photograph. I did my best!

Indirect sunlight (indoors)

Shade (outdoors)

Shadow (outdoors)

Direct sunlight ...looks crazy here!

No flash or sunlight (indoors)

Wow! See what I mean? I would say that the photo captioned Shadow (outdoors) is the closest to how it actually shows up on the nails. So, if you are considering investing in a neon, or you already have some but want to amp it up, go pick up FFF! In fact, it is one of the few polish bottles I have that I have almost emptied completely.

It also looks awesome as a pedicure, above are my toes (and my sister and Mother) and will absolutely enhance any tan you've got going on. Stock up for summer, ladies!

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