Saturday, 3 March 2012

Glitter Nail Polish Removal

We love glitter of all types - but we especially love glitter of the nail polish variety. Glitter nail polish is awesome and always looks wicked. But, and there is a but, it is sooo annoying to take off. In my experience, removing glitter polish has always been a long affair that usually results in hand cramps. So, after experimenting with Candy Shop, I decided to try the tinfoil method. It rules! Check it out.

All you need is: 
1. Nail polish remover
2. Cotton pads
3. Tin foil, cut into squares

STEP ONE: Soak pad in remover and place on the nail (I folded it for double layer action)

 STEP TWO: Wrap nail in foil 

STEP THREE: Wrap foil tightly around your finger tip, making sure it is secure and won't fall off

STEP FOUR: Repeat steps on all nails

STEP FIVE: Let sit for 10 minutes or so. Pose with robot-alien fingers (optional)

 STEP SIX: Push down/pinch finger tip and pull off while applying pressure.

Look - it almost all came off! (and this is THREE coats of Deborah Lippmann glitter, people). Then, I just removed the leftover glitter the regular way. I am very pleased with the results of this method - 100% easier than the traditional rubbing, and rubbing, and rubbing, and rubbing-until-I-want-to-cry-way. I recommend it!

Fear removing glitter no more!

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  1. Woah, so helpful! I seriously have second thoughts about doing glitter nails sometimes cos it's such a pain to remove, but this is great to know!

  2. Thanks so much for the helpful post! :-)

    ~ Yun